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Apr 11, 2010 8:00pm EDT
, but not your brother. >> i was in the south for longer, i suppose. >> you were going where? >> virginia. >> both of you? >> that is our home town. >> what was the family like? where did you get the music experience? >> both of our parents are amateurs. music has always been around the house. michael is an accomplished pianist and plays the drums and has a degree in recording. i play the piano and drums as well. andrew and sarah both play the guitar. we toured as a band four years before we got into the on-line video. >> four years? >> -- for years? >> several decades actually. >> how far did you go? >> several miles. >> who invented that name? >> i think that i did. he reminded us of albert einstein, but instead of using his genius for good, he used it for pleasure by pleasuring himself with illegal drugs. >> he first appeared in our second video as a character and we refer to him as junky einstein. >> the next one is president obama bowling bwowing. >> that sounds like the first video. >> we also did a flashback. >> we are in the public domain when it comes to this, but what do you do
Apr 25, 2010 11:00pm EDT
in montgomery. i went to the selma bridge with john lewis. and then julian bond out of university of virginia runs a civil rights tour and i became the guest speaker of it in new orleans about new orleans and the civil rights movement. the landrieu family, mary landrieu and mitch landrieu who's now mayor and the morials, dutch morial, the first black mayor and mark morial who's the head of the urban league today. so it's reflecting on race and families in new orleans for julian bond. i then went and taught at tulane university and i'm now a professor of history at rice university in houston. i live in austin so i divide my time between austin-houston and i have three kids, which takes up a lot of my time. and i'm able to take them now to historic sites and parks that my parents took me to when i was young. >> yes, do they -- >> usually they -- >> -- do they resist? >> a little bit but, you know, we tend to go more to like dino parks and things like this. but i'm -- i mean we were just in waco, texas and i took them on a tour of the dr. pepper factory. or if we go to, you know, houston we try
Apr 26, 2010 6:00am EDT
stone and his brother and it crunched them like an accordion on a virginia highway and both stone and his brother, holt, just got burned and died, and so it was quite tragic. and we had a memorial service at washington cathedral for him and that clip you ran was part of the eulogy. i'm dedicating my book i'm working on right now, "the quiet world," about alaska, to stone. >> do you use assistants when you research? >> no, and that may be a weakness but i don't know -- i wouldn't know how to use assistants. i think you obviously want to be as objective as possible in laying out your information but i think there's a healthy subjectivity in the research process in terms of instinctively knowing which anecdote is going to really shed light, on which quote is worth using. i don't know how you subcontract that. >> how do you protect yourself, doug? >> well, it isn't -- that wasn't what stone's job was. it was mainly to get library books, to help me, you know, type up things, to go look on the internet for things, which i'm not very good at. and also he was running my -- i've got a -- i
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)